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My english is not as good as I'd like it to be.Please,if you find any gramatical or spelling error, let me know

Please visit my Take Europe to the Moon page.

Hi! My name is Jordi Guillaumes. I work asapplications programmer at a huge catalan savings bank named 'laCaixa'. Click here if youwant to know more about my employer. I live in Barcelona,Catalonia. Now, my country is part of Spain, but I wish (and hope)this will change in the future :-). You can learn things aboutCatalonia and the catalans surfing to the vilaweb, a comprehensive index of the Catalan Countries internet resources. The next links pointto pages about my professional interests and my hobbies. Enjoy!

  • Lately, I've been spending a lot of time with Microsoft Flight Simulator. In fact, I've just rediscovered the fun in virtual flying. The guilty is a guy named Al Pelletier. If you like Flight simulator, you must have the page he mantains in your bookmark list! Check also the AVSIM online magazine, Simflight.com and fsplanet.com for the best reviews, articles and add-ons for Flight Simulator. I'm becoming quickly an addict to Flight simulation, so I've built a little webcastchannel putting together some of my favorite links.
  • I've built this homepage with the help of some friends.
  • I support the manned space exploration, and think that Europe should take a more active role in thisadventure. Please read my Take Europe to the Moon page and tell me what do you think!

I don't need to say that I'd like some feedbackfrom you. I'm lookin specially for URL links about IBM mainframes,the PL1 languageand Science Fiction. If you know any of those,please email me to jguilla@ibm.net I've got ICQ, so you can contact me easily. Just usethe panel below.

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